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Never too old to refresh your driving

Bernie Devine I am 63 years old and passed my driving test forty years ago. I was unable to buy a car at the time and let my skills lapse, having tried driving lessons with different companies in Birmingham over the years, I still did not feel confident enough to drive. On moving back to the North East, I decided to give driving one last go. I chose Safe2Go having read the many positive reviews on the website. I wasn’t confident at all but from the very first lesson Andrew had a belief in me that I didn’t have in myself. He told me he would teach me to drive and he did! His calm attitude and patience helped me to perfect the skills that I thought were lost. I couldn’t have had a better instructor. Many thanks Andrew for understanding exactly what I needed to do to get back to driving. You have given me my independence at a time of life when I need it most. Many thanks, Bernie Devine.

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